Snapchat Update: Tap To View


Last week Snapchat rolled out several new features within its app. One of which forever changes how you use Snapchat: Tap to View.

Tap To View

Previously to view a snap the user had to ‘press & hold’ the story. The main purpose of this was to keep users from taking screenshots. This never really did though. So now to view a story the user just has to tap the story.

This new feature has the potential to change user engagement, since there is no longer that constant tactile connection with the screen. Users can now skip stories easier or focus their attention on something else while viewing a story.


Snapcode Selfie

Another new feature that was rolled today out was the Snapcode selfie. Simply click your Snapcode and Snapchat will automatically take a series of a photos that will be put together as sort of a gif. The intent here is to make it easier for people to recognize you when you share your Snapcode.

Add By Snapcode

Previously to add a friend via the Snapcode the user had to take a photo of Snapcode while in the device. Now you don’t have to worry about a second device, you can simply take a screenshot while in another app or while browsing and then upload the screenshot directly into the app.


Add Nearby

This new feature is something else. Ever been to an event or party and met some other Snapchat friends? To follow each other simply open up Add Nearby all at the same time and boom you can follow each other easily.


Two Factor Authentication

This new security feature makes it harder for others to log into your account using another device. They will need to supply a verification code that will be sent to the users phone number.

Your account can now be extra safe! Yay! This is extra important for influencers whose livelihood is basically their Snapchat account.

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