Important Aspects of Digital Marketing for Business


The times of print ads, coupon mailers, and side road advertising are gone.

Digital marketing advertising has been driving the growth for many small, medium, and big companies. Even though the importance of digital marketing is undeniable, many businesses still fail to recognize its value and confuse it with merely running AdWords campaigns. Today, digital media marketing is even more important than it was ten, five, or even a year ago.

Digital marketing media has become an inherent part of brand positioning and recognition. Let’s take a closer look at the role of digital marketing in business formation and how to do digital marketing in the era of rapidly changing trends and techniques.

Key Advantages of Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing in the modern world is crystal clear as the internet and digital technologies continue to become more and more entwined with all spheres of our lives. Below you will find what makes digital marketing valuable for businesses.

Reaching Customers Where They Shop

In its recent research, Clutch, a platform where you can find top firms for your projects, from companies that outsource web development to digital marketing agencies, defined the most popular marketing channels for business. Almost 81% of marketing goes to social media, 78% to a website, and 69% to email marketing.

The development of the internet and social media in particular opened up new opportunities for digital media marketers. To make its digital marketing techniques successful, a business needs to recognize the importance of utilizing different media marketing channels.

Social media allow applying smarter tactics of digital marketing when you do not promote your business but tell stories and share the behind-the-scenes life of your company. It makes a lot of sense to be present on social media as, according to the Global State of Digital in 2019 Report, the number of social media users worldwide has already reached 3.484 billion in 2019. An average internet user has at least 7 social media accounts.

Social medial is where people spend a great part of their free time. Companies can use this to their advantage, making their profile a part of users’ news feed. However, there are always losers and winners as you cannot just make a beautiful profile. You need to implement a strategy for supreme digital marketing growth.

Creating Opportunities for Small Businesses

When big brands enter a local market, it indivertibly kills small businesses. For example, if Starbucks enters a city, many small coffee shops close because they cannot compete with the giant. The same goes for other huge brands that leave little to no room for small businesses. It is hard or even impossible to compete against globally recognized names and millions that are invested in the marketing efforts.

Digital marketing has become the light at the end of the tunnel for small companies that understand why digital marketing is important nowadays. Digital marketing allows small business with small budgets to compete with bigger brands and multimillion investments.

Targeted Ads

When you place an ad in a newspaper or magazine, there is little targeting there. You may know that your target customers read the post but you cannot control the circumstances in which they do it. As well, you cannot build a comprehensive sales funnel and target customers at the right stages with the right ads. This is one of the advantages of digital marketing.

Digital marketers can create and run advertisements that target a specific group of potential customers based on their demographics, location, occupation, interest and even recent behavior. You are able to create non-interruptive ads, i.e. advertisements that do not scream to customers about buying something.

Personalized Ads

When we talk about digital media and marketing, we cannot forget about personalization and segmentation. These two notions are essential for business and for email marketing in particular. There are many solutions that can help you bring a touch of personalization to all your emails, like the names of your customers and try appealing to them on a more personal level.

Digital marketers need to remember that personalization does not predetermine the success of a marketing campaign. You need to entertain, educate, and delight your customers with relevant and interesting content. If you follow this rule, your customer will likely stay with you for a long time. They have signed up for your newsletter for a reason and your task is to make sure you provide them with the content they expect and anticipate to see.

Segmentation is another important part of email marketing. One of the benefits of digital marketing is its ability to provide you with valuable data. In your marketing strategy, sing up process included, you try to collect maximun data about a customer who will later become your subscriber. This data helps to divide your whole list of subscribers intro subcategories based on certain behaviors and traits identified through analytics.

After you have segmented your lists, you need to send emails that are most relevant to those particular segments. It is essential to remember that irrelevant content should not be sent, no matter how great it is.

With automation tools, you are able to send your emails at the time periods with the highest open rate and in a certain sequence.

In-Depth Analytics

Access to advanced analytics tools is probably the best part of digital marketing. In the past, there was no way to track the performance of conventional ads and marketing strategies. Now you can easily determine the best time of posting content, how many customers saw your ad and clicked on it, whether they interacted with it, shared it with others or whether it was able to prompt them to take another action. Marketers can also find out who interacted with ads, which category of your target audience converts into leads more easily, what keywords they used to find your business, which websites they visited and much more.

High Level of Scalability

How much money will you need for the next promotion? How much are you ready to spend and for how long you want to run advertisements? In the past, you needed to know this upfront to pay for an ad spot. Now you can easily set the daily budget you are ready to invest in your promotion strategy. If you see that some ads perform better than others, you can easily continue running them without interruptions or if something does not work you can stop it immediately and avoid unreasonable expenses.

High ROI

Organic search, paid search, social media and email campaigns are marketing activities with the highest ROI. They allow getting the best results and generate qualitative leads while staying on budget. It is especially important for small companies that need to carefully allocate efforts and money to achieve the best results in business growth.

Why is Digital Marketing Important? Final Thoughts

It is clear that in the modern world businesses can’t stay competitive and enjoy the growth without digital marketing. Every day the number of people online grows, it is where they spend most of their free time, where they make buying decisions and shop.

Online is where the buying process begins and ends nowadays. No business, small or big, can afford to ignore digital marketing and its advantages.