Facebook Advertising


We feel your pain. One day you were able to reach 100% of your page fans, but then all of a sudden Facebook took it all away and you were lucky if you could reach 10 people.

To do well on Facebook you have to accept that it’s pay-to-play now. You also need to understand how to target your audience properly, otherwise you’re just throwing your money away on boosted posts. 

You have to accept that it’s pay-to-play now.

Facebook Ads are perfect for driving online sales, increasing local sales, promoting an app, or even just for building brand awareness.


The targeting options within Facebook are incredible. Here are a few examples: location, relationship status, employer, education, parents, travellers, interests, previous website visitors, etc. It’s kind of scary to be honest.

We live and breath Facebook ads.

Do you have a Facebook Website Custom Audience pixel on your site? No?